Narcissist Definition

narcissist definition

A narcissist  is someone who suffers from a mental disorder where the person has an inflated sense of importance with a deep-seated need for admiration. A narcissist believes they are superior to everyone else and everyone else’s feelings are unimportant. Despite this cocky facade, however, a narcissist has very low self-esteem that cracks under the smallest criticism.

Why We Need A Narcissist Definition

One of the most dangerous things we can do in the society, is label anyone we don’t like, as a Narcissist. People are all different and there will be occasional conflicts in life as different personalities clash. But have you noticed how these clashes tend to resolve quite easily, when both parties involved agree to disagree and neither has harmful intent toward the other?

However, when a Narcissist is involved, their secretly malicious intent toward others, will be the root of vicious arguments, insecurity, self-doubt, unhappiness and suffering for the people around them.

The whole trick of the true narcissist is that they try make you doubt yourself and make you feel that YOU are wrong, over-sensitive or over-reacting. Don’t fall for it!

There’s a real reason you are on this website. Well done for finding it!

Now trust yourself and take the time to educate yourself on how to truly spot a narcissist and how to handle them with ease.

Where to Start

You should start with the Narcissist Test, so you can be sure this isn’t just a which hunt but a real attempt to discover for certain if someone is truly a narcissist.

Next, learn how to deal with a Narcissist, what make them tick and how to completely rid yourself of their power over you.

And finally, if needed, you can delve into the more delicate relationships plagued by narcissism like handling a narcissistic mother or divorcing a narcissist.

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